Spain is one place which can speak to you in terms of flavour. Spain is a place which makes use of their local produce to help bring out the best. Finding food in the local I no big challenge as people here embrace their local heritage. If you are planning on travelling to Spain in the near future, here are some of the best dishes which will allow you to have the best time in Spain.


Gaz[pacho is a traditional chilli curry which is made from ripe tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and spices. This is a delicious as well as a refreshing bowl of chilli where people look to enjoy, especially during the summers. Depending on the season you can be sure of finding different versions of the same soup.


This is an everyday supper for most people in Spain as it is a traditional meal. Paella is a rice dish traditionally made with rabbit and chicken, but there are many variations of the same made with other protein. They use rice which can soak up all the flavour which can help amplify the taste.

Tortilla Espanola

Coming to Spain and not trying out one of their Tortilla is a crime. This is nothing but Spanish omelette which has a lot to offer. The ingredients are nothing but eggs, onions and potatoes. This is a slow-cooked meal which s more often than not mixed with ham, chorizo and other ingredients to help amplify the flavour.

Gambas Al Ajillo

If you love the bars, this is one dish that you will see that is served in most of the places. A Gambas Al Ajillo is nothing but deep-fried shrimp which is tossed in flavours and other things. To recreate the dish, all you need is shrimp, oil and green chillis. Bext complimented with a beer allowing it to have elevated taste.

Gambas Al Ajillo

Tostas de Tomate y Jamon

This is a classic dish which has a lot to do with tradition. There were a lot fo black pigs roaming around in Western Spin in search of Acorns. This gave a very distinct marbled magenta meta which has a very distinct nutty flavour. This meat is cut into small pieces and tossed with Garlic and tomato for the most delicious lunch.

Patatas bravas

This is a very country styled potatoes which is a staple of Madrid. This is generally served with bravas sauce and is made with sweet and spicy paprika. The ingredients you need is olive oil, flour and stock to make this lip-smacking dish. But, most people today add a lot of Garlic and fino sherry to add more flavours and most people have a different version of the same.